News briefs:
12/03/04The gnx-config tool feels ready for prime time! Creates an /etc/gnxconfig if none exists, handles hosts, hostname, resolver, gateway, routing, keyboard map, timezone, initializes the network interfaces and the init.d/firewall is fully integrated in four simple tables. Should all work great with dynamic addressing too.
11/21/04Started roughing out some initial documentation below from all the comments and readmes. gnxinitrd still not quite right. Firewall integration with gnxconfig and gnx-config itself working well in test.
11/07/04gn*nix logo shows his face and a few screenshots.
10/13/04After having xprint, cups and alsasound write files to /etc/init.d I have to agree with Mr. Gooch and move it to /sbin/init.d to avoid colliding with other sysV startup expecting components. Xorg integration has begun.
8/18/04gnxcfg,gnxinitrd first pass done and we'll be switching back to as soon as the damage and composite extensions are included.
7/18/04 Couple of false starts but gnnix-0.5 emerges complete! Bleeding edge gcc-3.4.1, nptl, pro police patched, switch to Freedesktop X, Waimea, Cairo SVG, ROX, Skippy-Xd, Gkrellm just for starters on the minimal desktop. Trouble with a stable firefox build, still XFS/ext2-3 only, no polish or finish configuration yet. Work on component adding will stop and finishing the following todo list to complete the text side will begin:
  1. gnxconfig
  2. gnxinitrd
  3. Auto partitioning of hard disk
  4. Detection and installation for dual boot
5/11/04Supporting xfs/ext2-3 only but 0.2 with the locknload installer is a milestone! Xorg/icewm/video/alsa/net more. Still mrore to add, configuration just getting started. Introduction and demo at SacLUG tomorrow night
4/17/04Fully integrated dynamic hot or cold plug and play works like magic in the installer and installed system both.
4/7/04Milestone 1, run the full pipeline and an iso pops out that will menu driven build a linux server you can login to in around 15 minutes. No network or anything, minimal quickinit rc script and one sample. Now to fill out component bundles and then start on the configurator.
3/24/04Finally burning the first complete install cd! Lots of bugs going from the simulation to the actual boot environment but it's staggering to it's feet at last. No target full release date yet.
2/21/04No more mkdistro. Most of the mk---- scripts except for the ones called by/and mkchain are now obsolete and replaced by gnxbuild.
2/16/04The build system is complete and the component delivery system works great, back to working on rc initialization and making primordial stew boot.
1/7/04There will be an attempt to achieve compliance with the FHS and the LSB whenever they agree with me.
12/20/03"Primordial Stew" will be the first offering, a 2.6 linux with gnu server class operating system built from only the bootable CD, coming soon.
12/18/03Install disks are 2.6 linux rescue cdroms using Busybox built with uClibc and an Isolinux boot loader.
12/16/03Base component selection complete. Next step is to build the "base", a minimal text system ISO and its, "root", file system layout.
12/14/03A toolset rather than a distribution. A methodology and build in place system working from pristine source to create a highly reliable and highly optimized work platform. By working from a small in memory system be able to update, repair and replace any all or part of it.
12/12/03A reliable free operating system assembled from the best of gnu and the linux kernel.