Current Version For Linux: 2.1
Linus Sphinx's
The Magi

An Epic Combat Arcade Game For LINUX And 1 To 8 Players*
Example Program Of The Elven Sprite method.
requires lib-SDL & SDL-mixer
Runs great on AMD64!

*currently never tested with more than: 3

You're a giant Lizard/Dragon enslaved, imprisoned and forced into mining a far off asteroid. Coring it out and leaving platforms for moving around like logging roads as it is cored. It's mindless labor but finally you've worked your way up to middle management and everthing is starting to get comfortable when suddenly a revolution erupts. Upper management is overthrown and the new bosses come in. Middle management turns to chaos as the word comes down downsizing has begun and there is only room for one in your division. Nobody on the home world knows how business is done out here on Invitro 5! You glance around your cube for the last time then strap yourself into your, "Mining Frog", a supervisory robotic vehicle capable of leaping from platform to platform and crawling around the cavern like interior of the asteroid. It can also spew the green amalgam used for ore testing, spit the red anti-matter used to power it and discharge the blue energy it outputs in large directed bursts. It's frog eat frog and the struggle to be the last dragon with your molecules in one mass is on as you leap for your life and position. If you do wind up with your molecules in diffusion you can always seek out the transmorphic orb for re-assembly good as new but if you can't reach it in time the race is over!

"The Frogs Of War", is the example program for Linus's Elven sprite description language. An ongoing project to use text files to slice bitmaps into animation sequences or, "sprites", and rapidly transform them into interactive graphic programs. By using Elven sprites the behavior can be edited, sounds added, animation fine tuned and altered without recompiling.