Project Smart Cart

Linux Powered Wireless Rolling Kiosk

The Cart Brochure
Front Cover Rear Cover Inside Page 1 Inside Page 2
The Cart Rolling Into Action
First prototype AKA "pinky"
"Pinky" profile
"Pinky" infra red
"Pinky" card view
Second stage prototypes
Booting up
Two bags full
Production arrives
Testers Line Up
Card swipe log in
Specials 2
Shopper History
Log out
Action 1
Action 2
Action 3
Action 4
Action 5
Just Pops Right On
Greeters Launch
Proud Tech
Handing out
No really...
It goes like..
The Cart Got Mostly Good Reviews
Page A One Sacramento Bee
Page D Four Sacramento Bee

If you were lucky enough to have some homeless person leave one of these babies in your yard or own a hitachi or fujitsu webpad or any Transmeta Crusoe TM3200/TM3120, (128 bit, vliw), touchscreen device booting CF with a prism2.5 wireless chipset, you could try this flash image for an X desktop, opera, war driver tools and a writable partition for ssh etc. Kudos to Dr. James for putting it together download here.